The Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) is the primary governing body for each school in the district.

This committee gives insight and input into important decisions that greatly impact students’ lives and shape their educational experiences.
Role of Committee

The Cincinnati Board of Education has adopted a policy outlining the function of LSDMCs. Their role includes:

  • Adopting bylaws, including the school’s mission and vision
  • ¬†Setting measurable school goals, based on a needs assessment
  • ¬†Developing a broad plan (OnePlan) to implement those goals
  • Completing a mid-year & end-of-year goal progress report
  • Making recommendations and approving the school’s budget
  • Participating in the selection of the principal, when a vacancy exists
  • Approving locally initiated changes in the school’s program or focus
  • Making recommendations to the principal regarding other school issues


All meeting minutes can be found in the Main Office